This new Web site will offer daily news and commentary by and for Latina women, covering such topics as immigration, health care, politics, education and culture. Project leader Teresa Puente, a journalism professor at Columbia College Chicago, said, “Much of what is out there for Latinas is basically fluff. Personally, I don’t care how J. Lo has decorated her nursery. Latina women want information that is deeper than that.”

Latina Voices’ New Project

December 13, 2011 Teresa Puente

Three years after being named a New Media Women Entrepreneur project, Latina Voices continues to explore current topics of import to the Latina community. Recently, it focused on undocumented women’s struggles with mental health issues.

Teresa Puente edited and directed the project, and Angelica Jimenez and Jenny Patino, two Columbia College grad students, served as the reporters. Stories were titled “The Emotional Toll of Being Undocumented,” Latinas Face Barriers to Mental Health Treatment,” “Why Latina Teens are at Risk for Suicide Attempts,” and “Latina Teens Face Suicide Risk.



Regular Contributions

June 10, 2010 Teresa Puente

Latina Voices enjoys having several regular contributors and updates the site a few times a week. Founder Teresa Puente says they are still refining their business plan and are considering different ways to raise funds such as grants and ad sales.


Latina Voices Final Report

October 16, 2009 Teresa Puente

Latina Voices launched in November 2008. In less than a year we have published more than 80 columns, essays and stories by or about Latina women.

Latina Voices has had 35 contributors – mostly Latinas. Many of them have been college students but we also have published teachers, freelance writers and journalists in both English and Spanish.




June 3, 2009 Teresa Puente

Latina Voices is thriving. We have published two recent posts on Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina nominated to the Supreme Court. This is a huge story for Latina women around the country. One of the columns is written by a young Latina writer in Puerto Rico.

Also, I was invited to start a new blog – Chicanísima – on a new blogger site created by the Chicago Tribune company. On this blog I feature select content from Latina Voices writers. Visit



Reaching Out

March 9, 2009 Teresa Puente

I have been busy posting columns, essays and stories at Latina Voices.

I am publishing four to five new posts a week. Some of the recent highlights include a column by the Guatemalan-American writer Stella Nichols called “The Forgotten Border.” It looks at how the Mexican government treats immigrants from Central America. Also, Lourdes Vazquez wrote “First-generation College Grad” about becoming the first in her family to graduate from college. She puts her own story into context, as only 7 percent of Hispanics in the United States have a bachelor’s degree.

Currently the bulk of our stories are written by Latina women in Chicago, where I work as a journalism professor at Columbia College. I am working to broaden our pool of writers. I recently published “Latin Time” by freelance columnist Marisella Veiga from Florida. I have been communicating with Latina writers in Arizona, Idaho, Georgia and Puerto Rico and look ... Read more...

Come visit us!

January 13, 2009 Teresa Puente

Come visit us at We quietly launched in November 2008 and with feedback from friends we made some significant changes in January 2009.

We adjusted the design of the page so you no longer scroll in the boxes. Instead you just click to read more.  We also have added a Latina Voices photo gallery on Flickr and a Latina Voices video archive on YouTube that send direct feeds to the site. Overall, it makes the site easier to read and more vibrant.

Our most recent story posts include a piece by Araceli Arroyo called “Regrets of a Monolingual Childhood.” It’s about being Latina but not speaking Spanish. We also published a feature story by Judi Ruiz-Branch on the new Aztec exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago. I also wrote a column on the growing number of hate crimes against Latinos.

We have been gradually posting content but expect to significantly ... Read more...

Aiming for November Launch

October 17, 2008 Teresa Puente

First of all, I apologize for the delay in blogging.

I have, however, been busy on several fronts.

I have created a group weblog on a site called I have invited all the mentors and mentees to join this site. This is the private space where mentee-writers will work with their mentor-editors in writing and revising their columns and articles.

Meanwhile, I am editing some of the first content. We have a column in two-parts by Juanita Santiago. She is a Columbia College graduate who was recently hired by CNN. Juanita has written about her two grandmothers, opposite in personality, who have taught her important life lessons.

Another Columbia College student is preparing a photo essay on portraits of women in Mexico.

I am trying to build up a few of weeks of content with the aim of launching in November.

Also, the journalism department at Columbia College has approved me to teach a course ... Read more...

Student Voices

September 15, 2008 Teresa Puente

This month classes started at Columbia College Chicago where I am a member of the journalism faculty. This week I will meet with a group of Latina journalism students here to invite them to join the Latina Voices project. They are all members of a student club called the Hispanic Journalists of Columbia, and I am the co-advisor of that club. We started the club two years ago, and the students have won college awards for a television piece they produced on immigration and for student spirit. These young women are energetic and motivated, and I am excited to bring them into the project.

I also am reaching out Latina college students across the country and have spoken with other Latina journalism professors in Texas and New York to recruit some of their students. Most of our writers will be Chicago-based but the long-term goal is to build a national ... Read more...

Giving voice to Latinas

July 15, 2008 Teresa Puente

My website will highlight the voices of Latina women and primarily focus on commentary and culture. One of the first things I will do is establish a network of comadres, a term in Spanish used to describe a godmother, or a friend as close as a sister. The comadres will be professional Latina journalists who are interested in mentoring Latina journalism students. I will ask my comadres to occasionally contribute to the website but mostly I will ask them to mentor a college student who is studying journalism. The goal is for these students to do professional-quality work and publish on the website. Then I will ask each of the college students to mentor a high school student, and they also will publish on the website. The idea is to build up the community of Latina writers with the experienced helping the youth. Our base is to start with students ... Read more...