This project will connect consumers interested in food with larger public policy issues that affect food choices, security, safety, health and sustainability. Partners Kristin Hyde, Jen Lamson and Amy Pennington will use their deep experience in policy, marketing, journalism and digital campaigns “to leverage the growing concern and interest in food with a call to arms.”

What Happened to Good Food Fight?

March 8, 2011 Kristin Hyde

The truth is we had a tough time with this project.

My partner and I decided to dissolve our company, Good Food Strategies, in December and continue working on food issues more independently. It was kind of a bittersweet development considering the huge success our business was having and the huge growth in interest in this space among funders, NGO’s and businesses.  It’s exactly the right time for a project like Good Food Fight, actually.  I’ve learned a lot about the importance of finding the right team for projects like this.

We did use the site as a home for resources for food bloggers last fall coming out of the BlogHer Food conference in San Francisco. 

Right now, I am awaiting transfer of the domain to a new host. As soon as its transferred I will make sure it is live again at least in its current form as a resource of information ... Read more...

A Launch Plan is Announced

July 30, 2010 Kristin Hyde

Progress continues on the Good Food Fight, report the site founders.  A template is up on their website,, which is currently being customized to house content.  The site will soon have draft content up and finalized for a beta launch in the middle of the summer. 

The group’s designer has developed three concepts for the Good Food Fight logo with multiple variations on those concepts. 


The site will have different “nodes”: An anchor story with four sidebars, three “good ideas” what are on-the-ground case studies illustrating how people are taking action, a set of resources and links for more information, and a Q&A section with a change leader.

Additional features will include:  A Flickr stream which will provide users with an image media library of free, creative commons photography that can be used to illustrate the themes and issues, a Twitter list that readers ... Read more...

The time is ripe for the Good Food Fight

February 8, 2010 Kristin Hyde

The Good Food Strategies team went to go see Will Allen when he was in Seattle this week talking about Growing Power, the nonprofit he founded in Milwaukee with a mission to build community food systems.  Allen was awarded a MacArthur Foundation Genius Award and was recently profiled in the New York Times Magazine.  We can see why!  Allen’s work to provide equal access to healthy, high-quality, safe and affordable food for people from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds is incredibly inspiring.  One of the things Allen said was, “We’ve done a lot of talking. Now it’s time to take action.”  The same could be said about our Good Food Fight meetings. After a few weeks of thoughtful discussion and planning, we’re ready to put our ideas into action.

We’re excited because we’ve found a great software platform to build the Good Food Fight online tool – Wired for ... Read more...

A New Team Member

January 28, 2010 Kristin Hyde

We are still celebrating the addition of Angela Garbes to the Good Food Fight team this year to lead our effort to build and launch our site over the next few months.  Angela attended Barnard College and graduated with a creative writing concentration from Columbia University, and has spent the bulk of her career to date as a writer and editor for a variety of newspapers, magazines, publishers and organizations.  Most recently her food column “Eat & Tell” ran in Seattle’s independent weekly The Stranger, and her daily blog posts on the food industry, reviews, and coverage of national and local food politics appear in the Seattle Weekly’s food blog Voracious.  Just this week Angela was asked to do food writing for PubliCola, a blog about Seattle by journalists which debuted in January 2009 to fill the void created by the collapse of print media and already called a ... Read more...

In the Spotlight: Project Report

December 23, 2009 Kristin Hyde

A national spotlight is being focused on our food system, thanks in part to thought leaders like Michael Pollan, Alice Waters and others, and an interested and engaged First Lady, and also as a result of the rising interest and concern among Americans about food safety, food prices, and to increased scrutiny of policies that govern what we grow and what we eat and how that impacts our health, the environment, and our pocketbooks.  Folks in the so-called “good food movement” feel growing momentum behind initiatives to “buy local” or to improve school lunch programs.  There is growing awareness that our food system, both from a policy standpoint, and in the private marketplace, may be adversely impacting public health, contributing to disease, obesity, health care costs, growing numbers of people seeking food stamps and unable to access or afford healthy food.  There are hundreds of websites and blogs focused on ... Read more...

Food Fighting and Education

August 28, 2009 Kristin Hyde

We heard about the McCormick New Media Women Entrepreneurs grant program and the light bulb went on.  In our shared conference room, light filtering through the windows and casting shadows across the table, we tossed ideas around for our dream-site.  What would we build, if we could?  How would we change the scope of media around the good food movement? 

Putting words to paper, we crafted out ultimate vision for a clever way to begin shifting food-related policy in this country.  Three minds, coming together, with a common goal of turning food consumers into food citizens.  Good Food Strategies & Go Go Green Garden share an office space in Seattle. Jen & I founded Good Food Strategies five years ago with a mission of helping a wide array of partners – from farmers to nonprofits to government to food businesses to philanthropic foundations – take this emerging “good food movement” to ... Read more...