Atlanta documentarian and photographer Kelly Kline will build out as the centralized news, entertainment and social networking site for some 12 million fans and participants of women’s basketball.

InsideWomen’s Basketball Comes Full Court

November 2, 2012 Kelly Kline, which grew by merging with NMWE winner InsideWomen’, has taken great strides towards becoming a leading web site for national news coverage of women’s basketball.

It recently hired a new editor and a three-person ad sales team to keep pace with its increased traffic and following on social media, and it’s is about to launch a new feature ranking the nation’s top 50 women’s basketball players, said co-founder and NMWE winner Kelly Kline.

The WNBA has also come to recognize the site as a reliable media source and has invited Kline and business partner Lee Michaelson to be part of its post-season awards panel.


New Merger: Full Court will be the New Name

January 4, 2012 Kelly Kline

We are cruising along trying to do a mountain of work.  And we’ve reached an agreement to merge two women’s basketball sites, Inside Women’s Basketball and Full Court, and are now building a new site for combined content.

Steve Yelvington, who consulted with us in August, has been hired to build out a new content management system for the new site using the Drupal platform.  Having worked on website builds for several major newspapers, we felt his expertise would help get us past many of the hurdles and mistakes that plague many new sites. Steve is able to look at the big picture and help us prepare for future growth. He is also helping us maximize the tools of the internet which will be an asset when we launch.  

My advice for others:

   * Don’t be overwhelmed by the project
   * Don’t be afraid to divide ...

New Beginnings

October 22, 2011 Kelly Kline

When I found out that Inside Women’s Basketball had been awarded the New Media  grant…. I was thrilled, flattered, ecstatic and given a new sense of hope that the work I have been doing for the last two years was for a purpose.  The next emotion was a mild sense of panic and a huge sense of responsibility that I now have to accomplish the goal my heart desired, to create the premiere web, mobile and social destination for women’s basketball.

The first order of business was to bring on board colleagues in the business who I respect and believe would help accomplish the goals spelled out in the grant process.  Prior to being awarded the grant I had begun talks with Cheryl Coward, the owner of & Lee Michaelson the owner of, about the possibility of merging all three of our sites.  The idea being to pool our ... Read more...