Carolina Public Press is the North Carolina’s first online-only nonprofit news site dedicated to in-depth, instigative and independent journalism. Through a network of content-sharing, social media, newsletters and events, Newsome and her team hope to bring light to a region of western North Carolina where news is often overlooked due to newsroom layoffs and downsizing.

Carolina Public Press partners with all media in the state

March 4, 2014 Angie Newsome

The 18 westernmost counties North Carolina had no local news radio, paper, or even website to turn to until Carolina Public Press launched. Now, the non-profit news site is reporting on stories that matter from child poverty to local elections. But Carolina Public Press is not just sharing investigations with their audience. The news outlet shares stories with public broadcasters across the state, making quality, local journalism available to more and more Carolinians. Read about what Carolina Public Press is accomplishing in the J-Lab report News Chops: Beefing up the Journalism in Local Public Broadcasting.


Carolina Public Press – One Year Later

May 2, 2013 Angie Newsome

It’s been a standout year for Carolina Public Press, as we remain the only news source in Western North Carolina (WNC) devoted to providing in-depth, investigative journalism and bringing free regional news to 18 counties.

We also became the first online nonprofit news organization in WNC to be admitted to the North Carolina Press Association. We spent a part of the year building our infrastructure. We formed our first Board of Directors and applied for nonprofit status from the Internal Revenue Service.

However, some of our most fruitful work lies in the year’s exceptional reporting efforts that appeared in 375 published reports.

Carolina Public Press spearheaded a media coalition to make a legal push for the release of an audit record of the ... Read more...

Carolina Public Press Becomes First Online Member of NC Press Association

November 30, 2012 Angie Newsome

Carolina Public Press recently became the first online nonprofit news service in Western North Carolina to be admitted into membership in the North Carolina Press Association.

“An incisive, beautifully written web-based publication like this is exactly why NCPA created our new online membership just a year ago,” said the association’s executive director Beth Grace. “Good journalism takes many forms, and this sort of partnership helps NCPA support the highest standards of good reporting and paves the way for the reading public to access great journalism – wherever it appears.”

The North Carolina Press Association is a 195-member newspaper advocacy organization for North Carolina newspapers.  Carolina Public Press, which was launched in March 2011, has been recognized by media organizations statewide for ... Read more...

New Partnerships, Added Content, More Traffic

July 5, 2012 Angie Newsome

Carolina Public Press has had major accomplishments in the areas of content, partnerships and organizational development in the last few months. I’d like to share a few.


Carolina Public Press, other media sue Asheville, Buncombe DA office

June 25, 2012 Angie Newsome

The following press release originally appeared on the Carolina Pubic Press site on June 25, 2012.
ASHEVILLE — Five Western North Carolina news organizations filed a lawsuit today calling on the city of Asheville and the Buncombe County district attorney’s office to release an audit of the Asheville Police Department’s evidence room. Filed by the Asheville Citizen-Times, Carolina Public Press, Mountain Xpress, WCQS and WLOS in Buncombe County Superior Court, the lawsuit argues that, under North Carolina open records law, the audit, produced by a private contractor hired by the city of Asheville, is a public record. “The issue represents a matter of substantial public importance because it involves not only the conduct and procedures of the ... Read more...

A Day in the Life of Carolina Public Press

May 14, 2012 Angie Newsome

I’m at my desk, checking my growing To-Do list for the day.

Here in my home office, I’m surrounded by stacks of papers, Post-It notes, a calculator, a single clothes pin (what?), an AP Stylebook, pens, scratched-out notes from Tuesday’s election results, lists for the interns, a map of Western North Carolina, drawings and paintings by my oldest daughter and the new IRE Journal. I have, oh, about 30 tabs open in my browser. Thousands of e-mails jam my accounts; my RSS reader groans under the subscriptions.

It’s a cacophony, certainly.

But it’s thrilling, here at the “headquarters” of Carolina Public Press.